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Dependable, caring, professional support for:

   Individuals and non-professional carers



Therapeutic Holistic Care has been born to fulfil our desire to provide a high-quality support or respite to families and non-professional carers looking for reliable and trustworthy hands to wholeheartedly look after their loved ones. For more info about our approach, click here.

After many years' experience in the care industry, we firmly believe that everyone deserves care which is highly specialised, providing emotional and psychological support and is attuned to their subtle needs and expectations.

Therefore, professionalism, expertise, skills, personal attitude and background are of paramount importance when supporting individuals in need, but unfortunately, we have to admit that it is something very rare found in the care industry. 

Reliability, attention, patience, empathy, deep listening, kindness is what we can offer... because we are professionals passionately committed to making a difference to another individual's life. 

And... last but not least, we really love what we do!

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