Giving a suitable support to autistic individuals means being capable of seeing the world through their eyes. It is a very different world, whose rules and features must be learned and understood to build a relationship.

Our passion for autism and the experience we have gained so far make us confident to assist autistic individuals and their families with the following areas:


Sign language, symbols, visuals, social stories, a few key words are all tools that can be put in place to allow individuals to communicate. We can support individuals and families in choosing the right tool and implementing it.


Establishing an appropriate routine is of paramount important to reduce individuals' anxiety and stress which in turn allows the individuals to learn and progress on the acquisition of new life skills.

Behaviour acknowledgement and Challenging behaviour management

Understanding and accepting autistic behaviour is the starting point to building a good relationship. Moreover, non-verbal autistic individuals often use behaviour as a form of communication to get what they want. Misunderstanding this pattern causes challenging behaviour. 
Time, patience and a good knowledge of the individual's needs and expectations and their stress tolerance threshold can reduce the challenging behaviour. However, non-avoidable challenging behaviour can be contained and transformed step by step into something more functional.

Triggers and suitable environment

Most autistic individuals suffer from sensory impairments associated with hyper or hypo-sensitivity, which requires an adequate environment to reduce triggers and the subsequent anxiety.

Emotional/Psychological Support

Autistic individuals struggle to adapt to a world designed by and for neurotypical individuals and can feel distress and anxiety. An emotional and psychological intervention "tailored" on the severity of autism is essential.

Social inclusion and personal growth

Helping the individual to be part of the community and assisting the community to acknowledge and accept autism creates the right conditions for autistic individuals to fulfil their lives.

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