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End of life


A person who is facing their end of life is in a process which affects oneself and people around them in different ways.

As Counsellors and Mindfulness practitioners, we offer our presence not for "doing" something but for simply "being" fully there with the person and their family who are facing this very important moment in life.

However, different methodologies and several techniques can be applied to provide a tailored psychological support to the person who is dying. Some crucial areas to go through may be:

  • Remorse and regret: what I have done that I shouldn't and what I haven't done that I would have liked to.

  • Resolving pending conflicts/situations either with oneself or with family/friends.

  • Fearing the unknown.

  • Overcoming and letting go of attachment.

  • Depression, anger and frustration: why is this happening to me?

  • Managing pain and unpleasant feelings applying Mindfulness.


Having said this, we firmly believe that what makes a huge difference in the end of life counselling are the qualities of the heart, such as deep listening, acceptance, loving kindness and compassion. 

We can also support family members during the process of loss and in the subsequent bereavement phase.