Counselling integrated with support

In our vision, Therapeutic Holistic Care represents a new concept of care in which emotional and psychological support is intrinsically connected with day-to-day support.


Compassionate Heart

An adult or a child  who needs support has to open the door of their world. We offer a caring and compassionate support with empathy as the key to gently step in.

High-quality support

From our experience in the care industry, adults or children who need emotional support more than others, such as a person who is facing their end of life or feeling distressed because of physical/mental disabilities, are the ones who struggle to receive it. We are very committed to filling this gap as we firmly believe it is the core of high-quality support and can be life-changing for the person in need and the family around them.


The time individuals need is not always equal to the time of the care industry. We must be attuned to their time. Time also allows to build a relationship in which the person feels safe to open up, to express themselves, is secure and cared for. So, they are not isolated and lonely anymore.

Time spent to get to know the person with those who care for them.

Time to be committed to a long-term relationship so that the feeling of a dependable, safe support can grow.

Respite and family balance

Giving respite to families means to protect the balance and the welfare of the family as a whole, allowing parents to give attention to other family members who most of the time feel transparent and neglected.

Our intention is to offer our presence as a bridge which links the pieces of the family puzzle back together, so that the balance can be maintained or restored.

Touch of Mindfulness

We can facilitate handy hints of Mindfulness to help the family to develop or nourish some mental qualities which can bring serenity and peace even when facing a difficult situation.