We offer support and counselling to people in their own homes:
young non-professionals carers and their families, children/adults with ADHD, individuals affected by autism, learning or physical disabilities, mental health issues, cancer, adults with dementia and Alzheimer's disease, brain damage,
end of life care and elderly people.

Support can be provided on an hourly or daily basis several times a week.
Although we prefer to work consistently with a person, we are also available for one-off support,
provided that a thorough assessment is made beforehand.
we can encourage, prompt and support individuals to maintain a good personal hygiene but we cannot provide under any circumstances treatment of diseases, disorder, injuries and personal care to people
who are unable to provide it for themselves, because of old age, illness or disability, etc.
Emotional and Therapeutic Support 


Life at times can be very difficult and overwhelming and everyone might need emotional and therapeutic support in the privacy of their homes. Grief, mental health issues, loneliness or difficult relationships can require a specialized professional support which we are competent to offer.

Tailored services for autistic individuals


We are very passionate about supporting autistic individuals. We find it very rewarding yet challenging at the same time. It is like landing on another planet which has its own rules, characteristics and features. For more info about our approach and services, please click here.

Driving Uphill
Young non-professional carers


Life sometimes obliges young family members who would still need to be looked after and cared for become the main carers of their parents or close relatives. 
Psychologically speaking, this shift in roles and responsibilities puts a heavy burden on a young carer’s shoulders who despite their struggle, feel that they cannot give in and have to carry on day after day.
We offer counselling and practical support to young carers to alleviate their sense of responsibility so they can feel supported and less lonely.
We are more than happy to give discounts to young carers if needed.

Social inclusion and activities out and about

We can help you to join your community and carry out the activities you like at your own pace. We look forward to seeing you to fulfil your life!

Incurable diseases and end of life


Even what seems to be one of the darkest moments of your life can be used to find the freedom and stillness which arise directly from your heart. These qualities can help you to  overcome fear and frustration and lead you to a peaceful and secure place. 

For more info about our mindfulness counselling  approach to end of life patients and their families, please click here.

Mentoring and educational support

We coach adolescents and young people to discover their precious resources and talents. For those, who are facing difficult periods, we will provide emotional support and help to find that innate strength and motivation to rediscover the capacity to choose the best route in life. 

Practical support in everyday tasks 

From assisting you in taking care of yourself to dealing with daily needs such as going to the surgery, hospital appointments, post office, pet care, etc., we will be there at your side.

We take into great consideration the emotional needs of the people we support. We are wholeheartedly committed to be there, fully present, capable of deeply listening. We have always experienced that this makes a real difference in people's lives.

As counsellors, we are skilled and competent to offer you this high-quality support.

A unique space for you

We offer a friendly and enjoyable way to spend some time together and create a space in which you feel valued, listened and appreciated.